Our Menu


8.00am - 11.30am

Smashed Avocado & Poached Eggs
Smashed avocado, 2 poached eggs on chargrilled bread £7.50 Add 2 rashers bacon £2 (G,E,)***

Full English
Eggs done your way with bacon, sausage, black pudding, ham hock beans, hash brown, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes & toast £9.5 (G,E,MU) ***

Vegetarian English
Eggs done your way with baked beans, grilled tomato, haloumi, spinach, mushroom and hash brown & toast £8 (E,M,V)

Eggs Benedict
Toasted English muffin with 2 poached eggs and hollandaise sauce topped with bacon £8 smoked salmon £10.5 spinach £7.5 (G,E,M,F)***

Roasted Field Mushroom
Spinach & haloumi topped with a poached egg, hollandaise & parmesan crumb £8.5 (G,E,M,)***

Creamy Scrambled Eggs
Free range eggs with double cream on granary with smoked salmon & chives OR bacon, onion & parsley  £8.5 (G, E,M,F)***

Smoked Ham Hock Bake
Smoked ham hock beans baked with 2 eggs on granary bread (G) £7

French Toast

Brioche French Toast served with maple syrup £7

Add 2 rashers of Bacon £2 (G, E, M)

Bircher Muesli soaked muesli in orange juice, with yoghurt, fruit compote  £7  

Yoghurt & Compote £ 6.50Toast and Preserves £2.5

Children’s Breakfast (under 12s)

Cereals £2 (G,M,V)

Sausage, scrambled egg and baked beans £4 (G,E,M)

Baked beans on toast £3 (G,M,V)

French toast with maple syrup £5 (G, E, M)


Long Lunch

12.00 - 4.00pm

Booking Advised


Cornfed Chicken Breast
polenta, peas, broad beans, pancetta salad, jus (C) £11.50

Slow Roast Short Rib
summer slaw, chipotle mayonnaise (E) £ 12.00

Battered or Grilled Haddock
hand cut chips, pea puree, tartar sauce, lemon wedge (G,F,E) £11.50

Homemade Tart
sundried tomatoes, feta topped with rocket salad, shaved parmesan, pickled rhubarb (G,D,E) £9.50


beef tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, baby basil, black olives, (D) £9.50

cos lettuce, crostini, parmesan, anchovies, bacon, poached eggs, Caesar dressing (E,D,F,G) £8

Chicken £10  Salmon £11

balsamic roasted squash salad, seeds, honey £9.50

Burgers, Sandwiches, Panini

Beef Burger
homemade beef patty (G,E,D) £9.50

Vegetarian Burger Stack
tomato, mushroom, avocado, halloumi, chilli jam (G,D,E) £9.00

Lamb Burger
roasted peppers, feta, minted mayonnaise (G,D,E) £9.50

All served in a brioche bun with hand cut chips, smoked Monterey jack, salad.



Smashed Avocado on Toast £7.50

Add Bacon £2 (G,E)  Smoked Salmon £2.50

 Eggs Benedict - Poached eggs, muffin, hollandaise Bacon £8, Salmon £10.50, Spinach £7.50 (G,E,M,F)

 Diced Pork Belly – black pudding, caramelised onion, butter fried eggs  (G,D) £ 8.50

 Smoked Ham Hock Bake – smoked ham hock beans baked with 2 eggs on granary bread (G,E,MU) £7

Bircher Muesli – soaked muesli in orange juice, with yoghurt, fruit compote £7.00

 Yoghurt & Compote £6.50

Nibbles & Sides

Breads selection – butter, oil, balsamic (G) £4.50

Marinated olives  £3.50

Sundried tomatoes  £2.50

Garden Salad £3  

Skinny or Thick Chips £3

Onion Rings (G) £3

Summer Slaw £3    


Choose from white or granary sandwich bread or gluten free.

Fynn Valley Club (G,MU,M) £10.00

Egg and Mayonnaise(G,E,M) £7.00

Tuna & Mayonnaise (G,M) £7.00

Children's menu (under 12's)

Garlic Bread (G) £4.50

 Bolognese (G) £6.50

 Goujons & Fries – Chicken or Fish (F,G) £7.50

 Pizza – Ham & Cheese (G) £6.50

Allergy codes CE = Celery, G = Gluten, CR = Crustaceans, E = Eggs, F = Fish, L = Lupin, M = Milk, MO = Molluscs, MU = Mustard, N = Nuts, P = Peanuts, S = Sesame, SO = Soya, SD = Sulphur dioxide V = Vegetarian, VE = Vegan *** Gluten free options available on request